Startup Beats: Timeflies

Timeflies during their music video of “Cars, money, and fame”

Music has always been an entrepreneurial experience. Musicians start with nothing, no sound, no template and create elaborate tones and melodies. Many bands and groups have come from Tufts but one of the latest we’d like to feature, on Startup Beats, is Timeflies. At Tufts Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick started a group called Timeflies. Before and while at Tufts both Cal and Rob (Rez) worked with many bands and technology making music. Rob was Music and Philosophy major and Cal a Music major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In addition to talent, bootstrapping and a unique branding tool lead to viral adoption of Timeflies.

Timeflies Tuesdays have become a religion for their fans. If you’re not in the know, every Tuesday Rob and Cal whip out a new track on youtube, quenching fans’ thirst for more music from the duo. This tradition keeps fans coming back for more and helps personify  Timeflies. Since there’s a brand new video out, we thought we’d share.

You can find Cal and Rez on twitter @timeflies.

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