Tufts Senate Unanimously Supports Entrepreneurs

It comes as no surprise that the TCU Senate passed two resolutions 23-0-0 that address entrepreneurial initiatives for both the undergraduate and graduate community at Tufts University.

The resolutions were named “A Resolution Calling for the Creation of the Tufts Innovation and Ideas Mentorship Program” and “A Resolution Calling for an Entrepreneurial Initiative and Environment for Undergraduates at Tufts University.”  The two resolutions were presented together in response to increased interest in business, entrepreneurship, and innovation within the undergraduate community.  While many perceive entrepreneurship as directly tied to business, resolution contributor Josh Kapelman has a different view.

“It’s really important to understand that entrepreneurship is not business, it touches every place in your life: It creates you, it makes you a leader, it develops you as person.”

The Tufts Entrepreneurs Society commented on student involvement with entrepreneurship with the following:

“Our biggest goal is to encourage all students — whether you’re a musician, a computer scientist or you’re studying international relations — to take an entrepreneurial approach to what you do, it doesn’t have to be a business, you don’t have to start your own company, but just say, ‘I can do it myself, I can do it better, and here at Tufts we have the knowledge and power create the world we live in.’ That’s what we believe in.”

Notable Tufts alumni such as Pierre Omidar (founder of Ebay), Roy Raymond (Victoria’s Secret), John Bello (Sobe), have all utilized their entrepreneurial values to achieve their goals.  Whether it is taking an ELS class, getting involved in the Tufts Entrepreneurs Society (TES), or starting your own project; TES encourages all students to get involved and start taking action.

Let us know, how do you see yourself getting involved in entrepreneurship?

If you have interest or questions, please email us at tuftsEsociety@gmail.com or tweet at us @tufts_e_society

Below is the resolution passed by the TCU senate in full.

A Resolution Calling for an Entrepreneurial Initiative and Environment for Undergraduates at Tufts University

(“The Initiative”)

WHEREAS there is a need for expanded entrepreneurial education at Tufts and overwhelming interest from the student body is demonstrated through existing programs, clubs, and pending resolutions; and

WHEREAS the Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies (ELS) program currently offers only a minor in ELS; and

WHEREAS over 500 students are taking ELS courses during the 2010- 2011 academic year, representing a 128 percent growth in enrollment since Spring 2002; and

WHEREAS The Tufts Entrepreneurs Society, a student run group, has seen a 400% increase in  active membership in the last year; and

WHEREAS the acknowledgement and acquisition of entrepreneurial values will increase the value of the individual upon leaving Tufts University in any professional field; and

WHEREAS the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has requested materials and features on student entrepreneurs to fill the requests of prospective and incoming students for information on such happenings; and

WHEREAS over 62% of the undergraduate student body believes that ELS becoming a major would be worthwhile for the university; and

WHEREAS President Monaco has stated the importance of applying entrepreneurial values to any discipline inside and outside of the college environment; andWHEREAS Barbara Clarke, President of the Tufts Alumni Association, is completely supportive of the creation of an incubator at Tufts see A Resolution Calling for the Creation of the Tufts Innovation and Ideas Mentorship Program; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate supports The Initiative, recognizing the need to attend the issue of space, environment, and overall support of student entrepreneurs at Tufts; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that it is the opinion of the TCU Senate that creating an environment, whether it be residential or a workspace (or both), will further intellectual exchange between students and catalyze student ventures; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the TCU Senate supports The Initiative and will continue to work with the administration to bring it to fruition.

Respectfully submitted on 10 April 2012 by Joshua W. Kapelman and Albert Nichols


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