Presenting Tufts Blue Key

Blue Key FlyerSometimes finding the best stuff at Tufts can be hard since there’s so much of it! We know that entering the world that is college can be a bit scary (we were there too!). Choosing classes, navigating the social scene, getting involved on campus – it can get overwhelming.

So Tufts Entrepreneurs Society made Blue Keys.

Blue Keys are a group of Tufts students who welcome freshmen to school. Freshmen in the program are paired with an upperclassmen with similar interests to make the transition to Tufts as easy as possible by being a reliable connection and showing them the ropes.

We’re pairing up wonderful first-years with eager upperclassmen who want to help you reach reach new decisions, get insider advice on the coolest professors, find ‘your crew’, find the best parties, and greatest opportunities at Tufts. They come from all parts of campus: engineers, fraternity brothers, varsity athletes, art enthusiasts, hip-hop dancers, you name it.

So, most of all, we’d love to have you join! If you’re a freshman or returning student, all you have to do is fill out this form with your interests, and we’ll take care of the rest. (

If you have any questions email


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